Pet Sitting

Cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, fish...................... all receive loving care in the comfort of your home.

Many domestic pets prefer to stay at home even when their owners are away.  This might be because they are territorial like cats, or that they just don't feel comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings.

We provide a service called 'pet sitting' whereby they can stay at your house and be looked after there in the comfort and familiarity of home.  Depending on the type of pet you have and their needs relating to age, diet and medication, we visit either once a day or several times to ensure they get the care they need and which you normally provide. 

We do not move in or stay overnight.  That type of service is called home sitting. 

We also do not offer 'home boarding' services whereby we take people's pets into our homes. 

If you own a cat, we recommend that you have us visit once or twice a day.  Even if requested, we will not visit less often (such as once every 48 hours) because this would not be in accordance with RSPCA guidelines.  Elderly, young and medicated cats often need two visits daily but we will discuss your pets' needs with you upon enquiry. 

Caged pets like rabbits and guinea pigs are usually visited once a day but this depends upon whether they have access to adequate space for exercise.  If they need to be put into and out of a run, they may well need two visits daily.