Security Comes First

Whilst you're away from home, we DON'T tell the world using vehicles why we're visiting as burglars could target your house.

Unlike the pet service van seen here, we come and go discreetly in unmarked vehicles, not drawing any attention to ourselves.  Pet sitting services who drive liveried vehicles are only thinking about their own advertising, not their customers' security, and are easily followed from empty house to empty house, each one becoming a potential target for burglars.  Nobody wants to come home to find their home has been broken into so discretion surrounding our visits is essential.

Our concerns for your security don't stop there either.  We check all doors when we have locked them to ensure they are indeed locked. We shut windows that we find open and we keep an eagle eye out for anything untoward.  We don't volunteer information to anyone about where the householder is or when they will be back. In fact, we don't even tell people that we are not the householder ourselves.  Your privacy and security are protected throughout the delivery of our service and beyond.  We don't even discuss who are customers are or where they live.  Maybe that's why we work for so many high profile customers, because they can depend upon us for discretion.